Hi, I'm Natalie I am passionate about empowering individuals to speak their truth, to achieve their life goals with confidence.

I really believe that within everyone lies the potential for greatness. And that there is a superhero within us all. With this idea in mind, I believe that you too can have the superpower of confidence. 

I was not always confident.

The reason why I am so passionate about this is from my own confidence journey, which started with zero confidence due to my confidence being eroded away by years of bullying.

The defining moment came when I realised that I had to take control of my actions, thoughts, choices and life.

To do this I joined Toastmasters International where I learned the art of Public Speaking, and from there progressed up through the levels where out of the 1000’s of Toastmasters Internationally have gained the title and honour of becoming a Distinguished Toastmaster.

From there I went on to qualify as a Certified Life, Confidence, Happiness and Goal Setting Coach, a Public Speaking Mentor and following my passion for learning I am now Certified with the Neuroscience Professional Development Programme.